Random still-lifes of objects, scenarios, curios and iconic images, impressed into clay. Telling a story, preserving, encasing for now and always. Hand formed tableware.

Capturing images and applying them to clay enables me to create small tableaus of juxtapositions and directed randomness. It all becomes permanently recorded on my rustic yet refined and contemporary tableware.

Hand-formed tableware made in small to large plate, platter and bowl sizes. The tableware is slab-constructed and made from dark, rich California clays using high and low fired glaze finishes. They incorporate impressed vintage and found object imagery with hand-etched detailing.

Recurring iconic imagery, drawn from the urban and natural world, reflect my daily observations, often first captured in photos and then transcribed onto raw clay—sometimes literal, often abstracted.

These plates have heft, are quite sturdy, yet elegant. Plates are dishwasher safe.

All tableware is one of a kind, handmade with new designs created all the time.

Treat the everyday with something special. High-end craft, hand formed and touched. Use these plates and bowls every day.

Meant to be cherished, but used often.